Silent Auction vs Live Auction Andrew Bost

It can include high-end bags, dresses, or even shoes to attract bidders. Sometimes, if famous people own these items, they are considered classics and can do great in charity auctions. These items can be sold through online auctions as well to grab more attention to the cause.
Virtual silent auctions are set up similarly to in-person ones. However, your nonprofit organization can create a fundraising site online instead of setting up a physical event space. In addition, you will need to put more effort into promoting your virtual silent auction to supporters online. You will also want to hold your virtual silent auction longer to allow supporters to place bids. donation for silent auction is optional for running a successful silent auction, however.
App-based platforms provide a positive user experience, are easy to use, and boost engagement. Push notifications will alert guests when they have been outbid, allowing them to increase their bids with the swipe of a finger. Rather than manually tracking registrations and sorting through long lists to check in your guests, use a fully-integrated event management system.
If the bidder is left to assume information, they will assume incorrectly and that will hurt the bidding. Invest in simple, attractive graphic design for the cover and ensure your font is easy to read. Your messaging must must drive people through the conversion funnel, making them aware of your event and ultimately selling them a ticket.
CausePilot offers free auction software for organizations looking to plan events on a tighter budget. This auction platform’s features include volunteer management tools, a procurement tool to solicit items easily, and a seamless checkout process using one-click auto checkout. CharityAuctionsToday emphasizes the fact that its auction software helps event planners get their auctions up and running in just minutes. The auction platform works on all devices, allowing participants to make bids from anywhere. CharityAuctionsToday also partners with Stripe, PayPal, WePay, and other top payment processors to offer a seamless checkout experience. Silent auctions are auctions with items displayed on tables for guests to browse.
Getting your account up and running can take some time though, so make sure to reach out well ahead of your silent auction. Though silent auctions are quite profitable, they can be relatively complex events to plan. There are a lot of moving parts to get in order to ensure that your auction runs smoothly. Silent auctions conducted with mobile bidding result in about 3x as many donations, because bidding is so convenient.
Silent auctions have the potential to generate excitement and competition among your supporters, and they pair well with many types of events. Now that the highest bidders have secured their items, don’t make them wait too long to exit the auction venue. Instead, end your silent auction on a high note by implementing a seamless checkout process. As the final silent auction preparation step, promote your upcoming event day! Add your event name, theme, and auction items to a customizable event site and all of your marketing materials.
I signed up for about a dozen blogging fundraiser consultants, but have since canceled most. I like how she organizes her thoughts about fundraising, and her conversation planning techniques are very familiar to me from my work as a prosecutor. I believe that she was a practicing attorney and who changed careers like I have, and my best guess is that she was a litigator as well. This is a very good article and there are several other blogs (her own) that she links to within it, so even though this is a small article you could spend some time here. You’ll also want to ensure you have a good variety of items, so guests can find something that appeals to them. Remember that each item will need its own bid sheet, so you don’t want to get overwhelmed with paperwork.