Band Booster Fundraiser Ideas for School Bands

Simply gather pledges from friends and family members that agree to sponsor each “hit” or “shot,” and then get to playing. Arrange for a contest for whoever sells the most can win a prize. This will make your bake sale even more fun for the players on a softball team. has gourmet popcorn flavors for everyone. That is why your softball team should sell gourmet cookie dough to your friends and family.
Engraved bricks are the perfect fundraising event to be held around graduation. For a fee, students get to make a lasting impression on their school or college by offering them a brick bearing their name and a short, personal message. The bricks can then get placed in a courtyard or visible walkway.
Date auctions are fun and light-hearted and can be an excellent way to raise money for your sorority or fraternity. Rally willing participants and have them come up with a variety of dates (e.g. going to the movies, an amusement park, for dancing, or dinner). You can also turn this into a peer-to-peer fundraiser by having your participants collect pledges from their friends and family.
These tried and true auction ideas are PTO approved and ready to impress your school community. Supercharge your auction with these amazing school auction ideas. The easiest fundraisers for PTOs are those where a PTO board does not have to think about anything because there is a proven process to follow.
Flex your muscles and raise money for your team with these fundraising ideas during COVID for sports teams. A walk-a-thon is one of our favorite fundraising ideas for schools during COVID, and you can easily tweak this community event to be socially distant. One fun way to do this is to have every participant walk a set course from their home to the school on the same day.
Have your team members sign balls, perhaps those from winning games, and then sell them to supporters after games. Your school or youth organization’s coaches are pros when it comes to leading their teams to victory, but do they also have other talents they’d like to show? A coach or teacher talent show is a fun (and often funny) way to raise money for a school’s athletic program or a youth sports league. The best youth sports fundraisers are creative ideas that get your young players actively involved in the fundraising effort and engage supporters as well.
Participants can pay a fee while event attendees can purchase tickets and also donate to vote for their favorite contestants. Add a little twist to this event by using the guys as cheerleaders while the ladies play football. Set weekly fitness milestones for participants and have participants make donations as they achieve them.
This is a great fundraising idea because it does not only help mother earth; it also promotes camaraderie, environmental awareness and fun among participants. Are schools fundraising making the plans for some soccer team fundraising, but you aren’t sure where to get the best soccer fundraising ideas? Don’t worry, we have a lot of exciting soccer team fundraising ideas, and we’re confident you’ll find one to suit your team. You just need to do some planning and reading, and the next thing you know you’ll be well on your way to making some of these ideas work for you.
Equip students to pull off an all-night concert, ideally lasting for a full 24 hours if possible. Sell food and drinks (including a bake sale!) throughout the marathon concert to raise even more money. Consider lip sync showdown if you’re looking for a unique high school fundraising idea. The kids have a lot of fun choosing a song, practicing, preparing dance moves, and performing their favorite songs. Friends, family, and the community will get the privilege to see the lip-sync showdown by paying an entrance fee. Pledge fundraising is a great way to raise money for schools and organizations.