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Students sits close to different even front of academics. Its not needed that every guildlines are being adopted and also you can’t make everybody follow it as it isn’t compulsory that everybody will perceive your factors. Even our preparation is not excellent and nonetheless in want of a while . They count on us to attend online lessons after which give exams in the examination hall, couldn’t anticipate anything lesser.

We dont have to cancel the examination simply postpone or give some matter associated questions to prepare for examination. But we are individuals who ever struggling for getting good mask to wear. Try to understand please and postpone the examination. Still we have time and upcoming class let the classes be started. So kindly postpone the examination for struggling college students.

Can this examinations will protect us from getting contaminated by covid? There are maybe 5-6 lakhs or more students apperaing for 12th and 10th exams should we simply sacrifice our life or take our life on a risk to provide only one examination which we never know may cause us covid additionally. I respect our authorities and I hope that they’ll take efforts to suppose for us. Now there’s avg of just about 100k cases per day….

Ashokan Pillar with inscriptions of third century B.C. Contains command from the Emperor Ashoka addressing the senior officials of Kaushambi urging them to avoid dissension and keep united. Ashoka pillar also contains later inscriptions attributed to the Gupta emperor, Samudragupta by his court docket poet Harishena describing conquests of Samudragupta and praising him. School have started with none cleanliness and lecture rooms usually are not cleaned. There are plenty of clogged water with mosquitoes and youngsters will get vulnerable to disease. My youngster received bitten by toxic insect he’s taking medication .

For those of you saying that online classes happened, they have been simply formality for us all classes have been buffering we spent most of the time telling the trainer to repair technical issues. Pranav Arora Boca is online and it is the future then why not begin it at present itself…the govt. Expected everybody to have technology for online classes however after we are asking to conduct on-line exams they are saying that not each one has cellphones and laptops….Where’s the logic ?

Uncertainty being the trend of this pandemic, cultivating worry and insecurity in all of humankind. These tender minds have been already tossed method and forth by uncertainties and pandemic selections. Would humbly request you to relieve from the stressing clutches of board exams and make them stress free. The complete year students sat in front of a screen to learn.

The primary shrine of the Galaganatha temple is enshrining Shiva. Ravana Phadi cave is among the oldest rocks minimize temples in Aihole. Jain cave temple is on the banks of Malaprabha River. A Buddhist Chaitya Cave temple is found which is partly rockcut construction. It was the primary capital of western Chalukyas which was later moved to Badami. It is understood for Chalukyan architecture, with many stone temples relationship from fifth century CE.